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Atelier Thomas K is a photography studio created in Strasbourg in 2006 by Thomas Kuchel and Isabelle Segard. Isabelle and Thomas specialise in portraits, which they work on through sober, timeless, spontaneous and graphic images.


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A selection of original projects and series of photographs available as fine art prints.


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Photography is a discipline that requires you to open your eyes to the world. Portraiture is an art that requires you to open your eyes to the world.

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Thanks to the photographic memories stemming from the eyes of great photographers such as Irving Penn, Saul Leiter, Sergio Larrain or George Rousse among others and to the rediscovery of the family film camera, Thomas asserts his eye and his technique which he acquires through his experiences and his meetings with professionals. The desire to explore the discipline grew. In January 2006, Thomas registered at the Chambre de métiers d'Alsace. As an independent photographer, he specialises in wedding and corporate photography.

He captures moments of family life and produces numerous reports. His job is to find artistic and technical solutions to illustrate a subject and highlight it.


In 2009, Isabelle joined Thomas. They set up their studio in Strasbourg. Atelier Thomas K is born. Both of them train and deepen their respective specialties. Thomas shoots, mainly portraits. He combines precise lighting with meticulous composition and, above all, he looks for the uniqueness of his models by observing their gestures and expressions.

"I like to find a particular aspect in my subjects. I photograph by following the lines, the lights. Contrasts push me or hold me back. I am sensitive to signs, even more to details and body expressions."

Isabelle, after having gone through video editing, is now training in post-production of still images. She develops the pictures to make photographic prints. She also takes care of the layout and editing of these prints in personalised books or their enlargement for custom-made paintings.

Isabelle takes over. She selects the pictures and develops them to make the photographic prints. She also mounts these prints in books or enlarges them for exhibitions. From the studio to the print, Isabelle and Thomas know how to make a lasting photograph while respecting the art and its material. 



This work, which revolves around the graphic construction of the image through the use of light, brings about a need to explore new creative paths. They develop research in the field of plastic photography. Several series of images are produced.

Together they define the artistic direction of their projects. From the shooting to the printing, Isabelle and Thomas compose and shape a lasting photograph in the respect of art and its material. They regularly exhibit their work. This sharing with the public contributes to the evolution of their creative inspirations.

Today, the duo is part of the circle of Artisans d'Art. Artisans by their know-how and artists for their choices and their way of carrying out the photographic achievements which they undertake.


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Photography Workshop

Nous n'avons pas été déçus !

 Thomas et Isabelle sont de vrais professionnels doublés de qualités humaines exceptionnelles. Nous avons été pris en charge avec une gentillesse et une grande délicatesse.

La cérémonie se déroulant en forêt du Mont Sainte-Odile, les contraintes techniques étaient nombreuses mais Thomas a su gérer, tout en conservant bonne humeur et sourire.

 Son travail est d’une grande finesse et, je ne devrais pas vous le dire, mais plusieurs de nos invités ont eu les larmes aux yeux lorsqu'ils ont découvert les photographies.

Il a su toucher quelque chose qui nous était très intime et le mettre en valeur. Lui seul a su capter les instants magiques, les moments d'émotions et de partage.

Ce qui m'a le plus bluffé c'est la vivacité et l'intensité qui se dégage de son travail. Il nous est très facile de se replonger dans ces instants grâce au travail de Thomas & Isabelle.

 Pour résumer, en plus d'être de grands professionnels aux compétences techniques et artistiques plus que maîtrisées, ce couple développe un savoir être des plus bienveillant et chaleureux.

 Encore merci à vous deux,

Benjamin & Barbara


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