A creative workshop for travelling photographers.

Photo course Atelier Thomas K - Strasbourg

You are curious and you like to get lost in a new place ! You like to be surprised by scenes of life that synchronise with you, right there, at that moment and before your eyes !

Photographic peregrination is a wonderful experience for those who like to look around, through and beyond the trivial.

The walker, who knows how to wait, feel and anticipate the moment when the elements around him combine, will be rewarded by the feeling of poetic harmony of this moment that most would have ignored.

If he has been able to render it, as he has seen and felt it, then the photo is good !


"Street photography, a day to free your gaze. " 

                                                                                    Next date

- Saturday 18 juin 2022 from 9am to 6pm - 

9am-12.30pm / 1.30pm-6pm

This photo workshop is ideal to surpass yourself !


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If you like to see, look and photograph, this workshop is for you !

                                              Location of the workshop

                                        Atelier Thomas K  -  30 BL du Président Poincaré  -  67000 Strasbourg

                                                                            And more if affinity!
                                                         Cost of the workshop: 130€ / person.

Possibility of gift voucher!

                              Satisfaction guaranteed for photo enthusiasts.

    On the program :

Theory - Briefing for the use of the camera in manual mode.

Theory - First outing: "I'm the one working, I share the tricks I use during my photographic peregrinations. Thomas tells why he photographs this and that and explains how.

Theory - Inspiration Brief. We stand on the shoulders of giants, we look at some shots of great photographers. We don't copy, we free ourselves...

Practice - Second outing with a mission: to be surprised by your own images and by all that you have found to see.

Analysis - Debriefing and viewing of the photos taken by each participant during the walk.

                                                                              You will learn

How to set up your camera in the best possible way.

The vocabulary and technical terms most used in photography.

How to vary your compositions and break the rules.

To approach a subject from an original and singular angle.

How to choose the right lens for street photography.


- Level: know how to adjust iso, diaph and speed on your camera ("Photo Basics" course).

- Reflex, bridge, hybrid and compact cameras accepted.

- Loan of SLRs on request by email.


- Appointment email sent upon validation of registration (please check your spam).

- Changes can be made up to 15 working days before the course. After this time, no refund or replacement possible.

- Guaranteed class attendance from 4 participants onwards.

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- 100% less than fifteen days before the course deadline.

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